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Application via uni-assist

The following categories of applicants submit their application via uni-assist:

  • Applicants who possess a foreign University Entrance qualification (secondary-school leaving certificate and, in the case of certain countries, certification of successful university entrance examination or of years already studied elsewhere).

  • Applicants possessing a German University Entrance qualification (e.g., Abitur) and a completed undergraduate course (Bachelor’s degree or equivalent) from a non-German university (i.e. a foreign academic qualification).

Further information:

To submit your application please register at and fill in the on-line application forms on


Remember – the deadline for your application is 15 June!


Uni-assist checks all applications to see that they are correct and complete, and to determine whether they suit the course of studies selected. If everything is in order, applications are then passed on to the JLU Giessen. Once you have received written notification from uni-assist that your application has been forwarded to the University, you can apply for a student visa at the nearest German Consulate in your home country. It should be pointed out, however, that this written notification from uni-assist does not legally guarantee the issuing of a student visa.


Because of the duration of the application procedure, your application documents and the requisite processing fees must arrive at uni-assist no later than 14 days before the application deadline. Official date of receipt for your application is the day on which your application documents are determined to be complete.


Applicants submitting their application via uni-assist should note the following:

  • Make sure you first register on the online portal of uni-assist. Here you can submit an application or, if necessary, more than one.
    The uni-assist internet portal for study applicants

  • Download all important documents (, and fill them in. After completion, print out the forms and all of the applications desired, affix your personal signature, and send them by post to uni-assist (if possible, all of the forms together in one envelope).

  • Please transfer the official processing fees to uni-assist in good time, as inspection of your documents can only be undertaken after the fees have been paid (your documents and the fees must be received by uni-assist no later than 14 days before the application deadline).

Further information