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Master of Science Agrobiotechnology

The steadily increasing global population and the increasing demand for food that goes hand in hand with this pose challenges that can only be tackled by applying innovative approaches and creative solutions. Agricultural crops nowadays must be produced as efficiently as possible, ensure healthy nutrition, or be useable as renewable resources. Plant biotechnology is the key technology for tackling precisely these challenges.

In the future, highly qualified experts will be needed, experts who bring with them to the task not just specialist knowledge but also multidisciplinary qualifications.

Education - facing the global challenge

Justus Liebig University has set up the international Master’s Degree in Agrobiotechnology to cope with the central role university education must play in catering for the growing importance world-wide of biotechnology in plant and animal production, and in nutritional sciences,. With a broad knowledge base, students from around the world should be able to grasp the fundamental technological and economic potential of biochemistry, molecular biology, genomics and cell biology, and to apply these subjects through biotechnology to make them more accessible to society. Learning the theory and practice of modern agronomic knowledge, in conjunction with the basics of biochemistry and physiology, will enable students to stand their ground worldwide.

The course of study concentrates on teaching and research resources in the newly founded Research Centre for Bio Systems, Land Use and Nutrition. This gives students the chance to study and work in an innovative environment, generously financed from third-party sources, and with excellent international contacts. The centre guarantees an efficient blend of up-to-date courses and cutting-edge research.

The modular structure of the program makes it possible for students to finish quickly while structuring their studies as efficiently and flexibly as possible. Thanks to the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS), students' achievements and coursework in the field of agrobiotechnology are easily transferred between domestic and international universities. Due to its compatibility with other international degrees, the Master of Agrobiotechnology paves an excellent path for a career abroad, particularly since classes are held in English.