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Comments and Statements

Daniel Schnaubelt (PhD Student Leeds, UK)

"The Master of Agrobiotechnology is a great study course that offers a wide range of modules and covers plenty of topics like Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Genetics, as well as Insect and Plant Biotechnology. The interdisciplinary design of the course makes it a very interesting and future-oriented course that provides a wide foundation of knowledge, while including state-of-the-art techniques and technologies. It is a great starting point for a career in industry and research alike. The industrial internship, which is part of the course, helped to make first contacts to industry and obtain insights into possible future work fields.
Apart from excellent lab courses, great modules and a very good communication with professors and supervisors, I enjoyed the great atmosphere among the international students."



Mahmood Gholami (Phd Student University of Göttingen)

"Agrobiotechnology program is a fascinating multicultural experience which helps you to find your real field of interest as an agricultural scientist. I got the chance to learn a bit from all the biotechnology field so later I was able to chose wisely the one that I would like to work for the rest of my life. Besides I had the chance to communicate with people from all over the world. Making friends (and not just ordinary friend!) from countries that I never thought of having a friend!"



Sebastian Kühn (PhD Student University of Karlsruhe):

"Studying Agrobiotechnology was an interesting and intensively gainful experience because of its modern and international structure. The interdisciplinary mixture of the modules guarantee a fundamental knowledge background in both, applied sciences of plant production and basic biological research. Furthermore the international situation at the campus allowed hearing experiences and perspectives of people from all over the world."



Charlotte Hahn (DuPont Crop Protection Country Registration Manager Germany, Austria, Switzerland):

"Studying Agrobiotechnology in Giessen was for me international flair, small classes, laboratory courses and the opportunity to discover a new way of studying. The possibility to connect and study with people from all over the world was impressive!"




Dr. Krishnendu Mukherjee (PostDoc Working Group Fraunhofer):

"This programme offers the perfect balance between basic and applied areas of biological sciences. Introduction to the emerging areas like Insect and Plant Biotechnology, provide a wonderful platform for students interested in interdisciplinary research."




Sophie Jacobs (PhD Student University of Giessen):

"The Master program Agrobiotechnology offers a broad spectrum from field-trials through biochemistry to molecular approaches… I think that the practical applicability of the acquired knowledge and the excellent insights which you can get during the industrial internship gives a perfect preparation for the labor market and offers a big chance to find a good job afterwards. It was a lovely experience to meet so many people from different countries; so I enjoyed the nice atmosphere between the international students."