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Since the early 1990s there has been rapid progress in the life sciences, caused mainly by the findings obtained in genome research and, more recently, by rapid developments in cell biology (cell factories). Developments in these areas are predicted to accelerate. Use of this developing knowledge in the basic subjects areas will be crucial for the development of useful technologies.

Master of Agrobiotechnology - a degree that opens doors to the future

The common goal of the Master’s Degree in Agrobiotechnology is to equip natural scientists, as well as agricultural and nutritional scientists, for management tasks in the agricultural and food sector. One important aspect is to teach the students practical methods and expertise on a broad scientific basis.
In spite of some parts of Europe having persistently high unemployment rates, as a region of high technology and exports it still does not have enough qualified candidates to meet the new challenges in science, technology, and social policy. There is a clear need for people with well-founded knowledge that will enable them to help implement technological developments responsibly and to move society forward. This international degree program was designed to meet such needs.