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The following provides a list of the core modules (mandatory participation) and profile modules. For more information on the contents of the individual modules, please consult the relevant module description.

Core modules (Mandatory modules)

MK 02 Biostatistics and Experimental Design
MK 07 Animal Nutrition and Feed Science
MK 11 Special Biochemistry
MK 13 Risk Assessment, Ethics, and Patent Law
MK 15 Plant Protection and Bioengineering
MK 16 Biotechnology and Genomics
MK 18 Microbial Food Biotechnology
MK 57 Molecular Phytopathology
MK 19 Industrial Internship

The following link leads to a full list of all core modules available in the Agrobiotechnology Master's degree course, including module descriptions:
List of core modules "Agrobiotechnology"

Profile modules (Optional modules)

MK 67 Economic Development and World Agricultural Markets
MK 68 Empirical Research Methods
MK 69 World Food Economy
MK 70 Economics, Organization and Management in Agriculture and Food Industries
MP 020 Plant Breeding: Special Topics of Resistance and Quality
MP 029 Plant Microbe Interactions
MP 044 Economy of Rural Institutions
MP 075 Host-Intestine-Microbe Interactions for Nutrition and Health
MP 076 Laboratory Course: Tissue Culturing and Genetic Transformation
MP 077 Laboratory Course: Plant Pathogens and Symbionts
MP 087 Global Nutrition and Agriculture
MP 090 Molecular Entomology
MP 097 Microbial Diagnostics
MP 098 Molecular Plant Breeding
MP 100 Bioinformatics
MP 126 Selection for disease resistance in farm animals
MP B 145 Methods of Regional Analysis and Planning

The profile modules can be selected from the above listing. It is also possible to choose different, English-language modules from the catalogues of other faculties and select these as your profile modules – provided this has been explicitly authorized by the Examination Office.

The following link provides a list of all english profile modules available in Faculty 09, Agricultural Science, Nutritional Science, and Environmental Management:

List of English profile modules