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Examinations and promotions of the faculty 09 are regulated by the examination regulations. The committee responsible shall ensure compliance with the examination regulations and decides on additional regulations. The examination and promotion office is responsible for the administrative and operational side.


Examination Office

Beate Ackermann
Prüfungs- und Promotionsamt
Bismarckstraße 24
35390 Gießen
phone +49 (0)641 99-39012
fax: +49 (0)641 99-37019
Office hours: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 10.00 a.m. - 1.00 p.m.


Examination Regulations

Examination Regulation - German version
Examination Regulation - English version

The German language version of the examination regulations is the legally binding version. The English translation serves solely for purposes of information.


Dates and Deadlines

Each module examination requires online application via the examination management system FlexNow. The examination periods and deadline for registration are made public by the Board of Examiners for each individual semester and published on the University webpage of the Examination Office:

"Fristen & Termine" > "Termine und Fristen nach Semester"



FlexNow is an Internet portal that allows you to register for examinations and view examination results.

You will require your chip-card and the password issued with your PIN letter in order to be able to use the portal. You can log on to the portal via one of the several chip-card-terminals at the Hochschulrechenzentrum (university information services).

If you have any questions regarding the use of the FlexNow portal, please do not hesitate to contact one of the tutors. Unfortunately, the portal is currently only available in German.
If, for any reason, it is not possible for you to register or deregister via FlexNow, you can register or deregister via the standard forms available for said purpose. These forms must be signed and handed in to Beate Ackermann at the Examinations Office within the stipulated time period.

Form "Registration for Module Examinations"


Examination periods

There are three examination periods for module examinations:

  1. First examination period: generally in the last week of the semester and the first week of the vacation.
  2. Second examination period: generally in the last week before commencement of classes in the next semester.
  3. Third examination period (only for repeat examinations): generally in the fourth week of classes in the next semester. You cannot yourself register for examinations in this period, as it reserved for repeat examinations of examinations taken in the second examination period which, if applicable, you will be registered for automatically.

You do not need to take all of the examinations in a given semester in one examination period. You can decide for yourself which examinations you wish to take in the first or second period. There are separate application dates for each examination period. Repeat examinations can be taken in the second or third examination period.

The examination periods are determined once a year by the examinations Commission and can be consulted on the following homepage:

"Fristen & Termine"


Withdrawal from an examination

Withdrawal from an examination after registration for the first examination is possible up to 10 days before the commencement of the examination period in question. Deregistration from a given module examination is to be effected via FlexNow. Withdrawal is possible only by the announced deadline (see homepage of the Examinations Office) and is valid only for the first registration for a given examination. You can undertake this yourself via FlexNow, and it is not required that the Examinations Office be approached.

In justifiable emergencies, withdrawal can be effected on the basis of filling in the requisite form.

Form "Deregistration from Module Examinations"

The withdrawal deadline also obtains in this particular case.


Repeat Examinations

If you fail one or more examinations for personal reasons for which you cannot be held accountable, you will need to repeat these examinations in the following examination period.

If, for reasons of health, you are unable to take an examination, you will need to produce a doctor's certificate and submit this certificate together with the supplement sheet to a medical certificate to the Examination Office. The original documents need to be submitted directly to the Examination Office within three working days after the examination date. If sent by post, decisive for deadline adherence is the date of dispatch (given by postmark). Certificates handed in after the deadline will not be accepted and the examination will be deemed to have been failed. The certificate is accepted when the change of the examination date is visible in Flexnow. Important: You will be automatically registered for the second examination date. You will not receive extra notification.

Supplement Sheet to a Medical Certificate (.pdf)