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Master Thesis

The fourth semester is primarily designated for writing the Master's thesis. The Master's thesis shall provide evidence that a student is capable of conducting scholarly work independently. The Master's thesis consists of a written section (Thesis) and an oral presentation (Defence). It is worth a total of 24 credit points.


In order to be able to apply for your Master's thesis, you will first have to have successfully completed all six core modules. Approval to write the thesis must be applied for no later than one month after the last examination has been passed – the latter will otherwise be deemed to be failed.

Please use the "Application for admittance to a Master's Thesis" form in order to apply for approval to write your thesis. This form is available on the homepage of the faculty:

Form "Application for the admission to the master thesis"

Please ensure that you have filled in the complete form prior to submitting it to the Examination Office (it is not required that you submit it in person).

Supervision and Topic

All Faculty 09 professors are entitled to assign and supervise a Master's thesis. The current topics available are generally posted on the webpage of the respective professorships. You can, following consultation with your supervisor, also determine your own topic for the thesis. It is also possible, upon request, to write your Master's thesis at an institution or company other than the JLU. The thesis must, however, always be supervised by a Faculty 09 professor. The time required for writting the thesis can not be credited as an internship.

The topic of the thesis can only be voluntarily cancelled once and only within the first two months during which it is being processed.

When to write the thesis?

It is advisable to seek out a topic for the Master's thesis as soon as possible. Experience has shown that is best to begin writing the thesis in the fourth semester. Many students, however, already start writing their thesis in the second or third semester – parallel to coursework – if they have decided to produce their thesis under the aegis of one of the professorships of Faculty 09.


The Master's Thesis in the Agriobiotechnolgy course of study must be written in English. The period in which it is produced must not exceed six months. Three copies of the written thesis must be submitted to the supervisor within the stipulated timeframe. The thesis is to contain a written and signed declaration which states that it was produced independently and only those sources and aids that are featured in its bibliography were consulted. All sections of the thesis that are taken from external sources must be highlighted as such – regardless of whether they are word-by-word quotations or paraphrases. The thesis will be deemed to be failed if it is not submitted within the stipulated timeframe.


The Master's thesis is always graded by two examiners, one of whom is the student's supervisor. The overall grade of the Master's thesis is calculated on the basis of the average grades given for both the written thesis and the oral presentation. The grade of the written thesis here counts threefold and the grade of the defence is counted single. The proportion of the Master's thesis grade in the overall grade is equivalent to that of four modules.


A colloquium takes place after the thesis has been graded by the first and second supervisor. Here the student shall present the results of the thesis and then discuss these with the examiners. The colloquium must be held no later than 6 weeks after the Master's thesis has been submitted.