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Module Registration

The registration for modules is a three-part process, requiring enrollment in StudIP as well as in FlexNow and a current study and examination schedule, which is also entered into FlexNow.



Students have to register for all modules in Stud.IP.

The registration in StudIP takes place during certain time limits, which are communicated via e-mail by the study coordinators? (Study Deanery Faculty 09) during the previous semester. Furthermore, semester specific information on the module catalogue of the coming semester is provided in the same e-mail.
The list of modules of the coming semester is released for viewing in StudIP one week before the registration period.

Students intending to register for limited profile modules have to make sure that the study and examination schedule is updated by a certain deadline, which will also be communicated via e-mail. The study deanery will then register the names in StudIP beforehand if the module is listed in the study and examination schedule.